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Welcome to Triple Lemniscate Technologies

We are a leading algorithmic trading firm. Our mission is to provide liquidity and trade volumes for fair and efficient markets.


We are talented Team of IT-science and financial market geeks who working to make capital classic and crypto markets smooth and predictable. We are developing sophisticated algorithmic strategies to execute trading using our own capital on international markets.
Our strategies based on arbitraging principles, low-latency systems and advanced machine learning technologies.
Intelligence-Driven Team
We are a small, integrated, high-caliber team: technical geeks and traders who have been working with fintech for over 10 years.

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Our success based on three importand things described bellow:

High-end Low-latency trading system
The technical team is constantly work on performance, choosing the right network technologies, the specifics of packaging and data parsing, the data feeds arbitration from exchanges — all this ensures the lowest possible latency between processing environments.
Market Data Mining
We have full market visibility with the ability to receive data at liquidity venues, proximity locations, and strategic data centers worldwide. Data download and storage infrastructure provides low-latency access to needed data feeds.
Strategies and Execution
Finally, traders team develop and execute strategies based on technologies and data described above. The more smooth operations we have, the more volumes we trade - the more good work we perform for exchanges markets. The profit generated during all the procees is fair reward for a good job we have done.
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Triple Lemniscate Tech OÜ
Soo tn 28-18,
Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Tallinn
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